Mary + Justin - Mantoloking, NJ!

When I sat down to organize Mary and Justin’s blog post I came up with an edit of 126 photos. I couldn’t help it! I loved every detail of this unique wedding and this beautiful couple. With the help of my trusty hubby to be, I was able to whittle it down to the below selection. Mary’s father has kept his boat at a local boatyard since Mary was a small child and she holds the memories of being on the boat with her family near and dear to her heart. When Mary and Justin got engaged they didn’t even think twice about where they would host their wedding celebration. Beaton and Son’s boatyard of course! With some hard work and a whole lot of creativity they changed the boatyard into a spectacular nautical setting for their wedding day! (But it wasn’t easy…apparently the Fire Marshall nearly shut them down the day before!) It was SO worth the struggle! I loved how the boatyard itself was an element of decor..there were masts and sails lying around everywhere, boats that hadn’t seen the water in years rested on wooden structures, and chipped paint and rusty hinges adorned the walls of the old wooden garage where guests mingled and danced. The details were eclectic and beautiful, with my favorite element being the vintage truck to held icy kegs of beer. Mary and Justin both grew up along the sea and they hold a deep love for the ocean and our local beaches. I couldn’t imagine a more perfect setting for this laid back couple.  Congratulations Mary and Justin!