Merritt + Rob - Asbury Park, NJ!

Merritt and Rob share a love that can only be described as unique and inspiring. When I first saw them together at Merritt’s brothers wedding two yrs ago, I knew that they would be getting married in no time. Sure enough, a few months later I got the call that Merritt and Rob were engaged and were planning a wedding to be held at Porta, my favorite local restaurant. The food at Porta can’t be beat…amazing salads, homemade mozzarella, brick oven pizzas, creative/seasonal appetizers and mains, an inspiring selection of wines and beers…all served within an industrial chic, yet cozy atmosphere. The food is fresh, sophisticated, and is based on surprisingly simple and delicious ingredients. Needless to say, I was stoked on the location and on having the opportunity to document the wedding of this lovely couple! On the morning of the wedding I woke up to pouring cats and dogs-cold-yucky-rain. It was relentless! Despite our unfortunate weather Merritt and Rob were as happy as could be, nobody could rain on their parade! After a beautiful wedding ceremony at St. Catherine’s Church of Spring Lake, we headed over to the legendary Convention Hall to snap some photos amongst the quirky shops and unique architecture of the most well known building in Asbury Park. Built between 1928 and 1930, Convention Hall was designed in a combination Italian-French style, with an emphasis on nautical themes in recognition of its oceanfront location. It was a perfect fit for this stylish and local couple! Ducking through the rain we made our way over to Porta where Merritt, Rob, friends and family had collaborated to create a beautiful array of DIY decor including burlap and lace table runners, seasonal flower arrangements, and tons of cute signage. (It helps that Merritt’s sister in law is my good friend and amazing wedding planner of Backyard Bride – Kaysie McKay!) Guests mingled, danced, and thoroughly enjoyed the delicious wines, cheese, olives, pizzas and salads served family style by Porta’s wonderful staff. As the night went on, the party heated up and Merritt and Rob tore it up on the dance floor. My last view of the wedding was a raucous game of spin the bottle/dance off…Hilarious and awesome! What a joy to see two such wonderful people joined together in such a fun and creative celebration. Congratulations Merritt and Rob!